Fees and Costs

Lawyers sell time.  Therefore, in most cases, clients are billed an hourly rate for services rendered.  All time spent on a case is billed, including meetings with clients, telephone calls, drafting documents, and the like.

Some cases, such as personal injuries, are handled on a contingency fee basis.  This means that no lawyers' fees are owed unless some money is recovered on behalf of the client.  However, clients are always responsible for the expenses of litigation, such as court reporter fees, copying charges, long distance phone calls, and other incidental expenses.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a lawyer is that the lawyer-client relationship is a partnership.  Nothing good can come of a relationship that is strained, and wonderful results can be found in a mutual partnership.  The lawyer, and the client, are responsible for the case and its eventual outcome.

Jeffrey L. Dorsey, PC tries to keep all fees reasonable, and attempts to communicate how those fees are determined.  A frank discussion of fees and costs is never out of line.  In fact, talking openly about fees is time well spent.